Acting Together Anthology

Volume I: Resistance and Reconciliation in Regions of Violence

Volume I front Cover

Edited by:
Cynthia E. Cohen,
Roberto Gutierrez Varea,
and Polly O.Walker.320 pp. approx., $21.95 USD
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You can purchase Vol. 1  of “Acting Together: Performance and Creative Transformation of Conflict” at New Village Press.The first of a two-volume series describing exemplary peacebuilding performances in the midst of violence and its aftermath. “Acting Together I” explores the courageous work of leading socially engaged theater artists in contexts variously touched by ethnic conflict, human rights violation, war, and collective trauma – from Serbia to Sri-Lanka, from Israel and Palestine to Argentina, from India to the United States. The performances highlighted in this volume nourish and restore capacities for expression, communication, and transformative action, and creatively support communities in grappling with conflicting moral imperatives surrounding questions of justice, memory, resistance, and identity. Complemented by a website of related materials and a documentary film featuring clips and interviews with the curators and artists (distributed separately), this book is a must-read for socially engaged artists, cultural workers, peacebuilding scholars and practitioners, human rights activists, students of peace and justice studies, and whoever wishes to better understand conflict and the power of art to bring about social change.

Edited by:
Cynthia E. Cohen,
Roberto Gutierrez Varea,
and Polly O.Walker.320 pp. approx.,
$21.95 USD
Pub. Date: December 2011.Order your copy now!

Volume II, Building Just and Inclusive Communities, focuses on the transformative power of performance in regions fractured by “subtler” forms of structural violence and social exclusion. The case studies in this volume document examples from Afghanistan, Australia, Ghana, the Netherlands, South Africa, and the United States. This volume also offers resources, tools, and recommendations to help educators, artists, students, policymakers, and funders alike to become involved with, and contribute to, the emerging field of peacebuilding performance.

You can purchase Vol. 2  of “Acting Together: Performance and Creative Transformation of Conflict” at New Village Press.