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Here you can purchase the Documentary and accompanying toolkit. To learn more about the Acting Together Project visit our project page or explore the Acting Together Website. For more information on the Multilingual version, check out our Acting Together Global Campaign.

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NEW in 2020:

We are bringing the scholarly rigor, insight and beauty of ATWS to the online e-learning sphere. Take a moment and visit our new website where the many multimedia and print resources are easy to access and download, and check out the new mini-documentary. The website offers information, resources for teaching and learning, links, and access to downloading the full documentary, which is available on a sliding scale. DVDs can still be purchased below, and purchase the multilingual DVD here.


Explanation of pricing

Institutions such as universities, colleges, corporations, and government agencies must pay the full list price for sales and rentals. Purchase effectively means lease for the life of the videotape, videodisc, or film print. A sale includes public performance rights for classroom or library use by the acquiring institution for nonpaying audiences only.

Public K-12 schools and libraries as well as select community-based organizations that provide direct service or advocacy and work with an annual operating budget of $350K or less may qualify for the $95 price. Purchase effectively means lease for the life of the DVD and includes in-house public performance rights for nonpaying audiences only. Please inquire for fundraisers or any open and advertised events. We cannot offer this discount to any university-affiliated programs.

Home video versions are available for personal home viewing with family and friends only. Home video versions are for personal home use only, and programs are protected by copyright. It is strictly prohibited to screen, loan, or broadcast for any group for either educational or commercial purposes.

For more detailed information please visit New Village Press, the Acting Together Website or contact us at recastinc@gmail.com

If you would like to purchase the multilingual disc, please visit our multilingual DVD page for more information or purchase below:


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