Acting Together on the World Stage is an award-winning feature-length documentary that highlights creative and courageous theatre artists and leaders of ritual from conflict regions around the world. It has been screened on every continent and in more than 50 cities and educational settings in the United States. In addition to the original English production, we have subtitled versions in Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, Spanish, Sinhala and Tamil.

Our cultural resource team is available to help you plan a screening for your organization, campus or community group. We can introduce the film and respond to questions, speak about the creation of the film, or discuss the themes that emerge in the film, such as non-violent resistance, re-humanization of former adversaries, transitional justice and reconciliation. We can also assist you to compose panel discussions and frame questions to link the power of the documentary with the issues of your own community or the curriculum of your classroom.

Audiences for the film include:

  • Artists and students of the arts
  • Peacebuilding scholars and practitioners and students of peace and conflict
  • Community Cultural Workers
  • Policy-makers
  • Funders
  • Members and leaders of communities seeking justice and addressing issues of historical memory
  • Playwrights, Dramaturgs

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