Portraits of Purpose

ReCAST has signed on as fiscal agent for Portraits of Purpose (POP), a project based around a collection of striking photographic portraits of Boston-area social justice leaders by Boston’s premiere African-American photojournalist, Don West. Our support creates a vehicle for the project to raise funds for cultural and education programs to accompany the exhibit and recently published book of photos and stories.

The photography exhibit “Portraits of Purpose: A Tribute to Leadership” was first commissioned in 1997 by the Museum of African American History to spark candid dialogue about race in Boston at the close of the last century.

Overtime, the exhibit evolved from the original 25 portraits to a collection of 107 providing the basis for a book with the same title, that includes the photos, artist’s notes, as well as biographical information about the leaders portrayed in the context of the times (1980-2013).

In 2015 Portraits of Purpose will continue to evolve into an art- based, educational initiative that offers schools, universities, community organizations and local businesses the opportunity to schedule the exhibit and book signings in tandem with special forums and performances that address the themes of of leadership, social justice and community change.

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