A Way Out of No Way

A Way Out of No Way: Lessons from the Field of Community Cultural Development

Structure:  1 – 6 two-hour sessions.  Customize the timing and content.

Target Audience: Artists, activists, peacebuilding practitioners, funders and policymakers and students of these fields

Facilitator: Jane Sapp and Cynthia Cohen

A Way Out of No Way is an introduction to cultural work as a practice of social change. Workshop participants will consider cultural practices and what they offer to human and community development. They will explore the principles and theories of cultural work, and how such practices can be incorporated into the work of education, community organizing, community development, creative expression, and work in the field of human rights. They will also examine the transformational power of the aesthetic, and how the expressive forms of one’s own culture can be integrated into a theory of change and one’s own practice.